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Alumnus of the Month

Andres Pazmino (MPA '15)

Andres Pazmino (MPA '15) immigrated to the United States for his education at Baruch. For our next Alumnus of the Month feature, the Marxe grad reflects on his career and offers advice for current Baruch students.

What is your favorite Baruch memory?

Pazmino: It’s hard to choose a favorite Baruch memory. Baruch is an experience where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In late 2005, as an 18-year-old immigrant, alone, and with no English skills and very little money, Baruch welcomed and admitted me into the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. This became my foundation as I joined a new society and embarked on my educational journey. 

A few years later, upon completing my undergraduate degree at another CUNY school, Baruch welcomed me again for my Masters in Public Administration. When I think about my experience here, my education was not about knowing the right or wrong answers, but about learning how to think critically and analytically. Everybody was instrumental in that, from my professors who were knowledgeable and caring, to my classmates who were diverse and ridiculously talented. My educational experience transcended the classroom, with Baruch offering a vast range of academic and administrative resources. Accessing these resources significantly improved the quality of my assignments and deepened my knowledge; the administrative staff also offered guidance when strategizing course selection. 

My education led me to develop an innovative way of thinking. I am now running my own government relations and business development firm. I credit my education for being my main instrument as I assist our clients on an array of subjects. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have found at Baruch College.

If we were to go back in time to an average day when you were a student, where would we find you on campus, and what would you be doing?

Pazmino: You would probably find me in the library. I knew that my education and development were up to me, so I chose to invest a great deal of time in my education. Having access to resources that supported my education such as the environment and academic tools allowed me to gather my thoughts, complete assignments, and study. I always had a knack for business; reading books in the library allowed me to learn and find a model that could bring my passion for business and politics together.

Which class and professor at Baruch prepared you the most for your career today?

Pazmino: Every professor and class contributed to my MPA. The program is very interdisciplinary as we went over statistics, budgeting, political thought, and leadership. All of these subjects gave me the tools I needed to start my own business. In my day to day, I advise my clients based on careful assessment of the current political landscape and through targeted data mining.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

Pazmino: Baruch College is a comprehensive experience, from studying in the library to making friends in class, from becoming a teacher’s assistant to preparing for finals. Baruch offers a holistic education experience that will be necessary as you prepare to get into a world that is more and more complex and fast-changing. It will be fun, and at times, it will be difficult, but embrace it all because life will bring you those moments, too. Also, in comparison to other higher education institutions in the U.S., Baruch offers quality education at a good price. Trust me, you will be beyond glad to realize you have little, to no, student debt upon graduation. 

What is your proudest accomplishment since you graduated?

Pazmino: My proudest accomplishment has been starting my own company. A company where I support small- and medium-sized businesses with genuine goals. And for me, this is rewarding as I am interested in helping these types of leaders achieve their dreams and goals. This is something I take great pride in and responsibility for, and I know, it is greatly appreciated by our clients.