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Are you interested in volunteering to serve on a nonprofit board?

Interested in getting involved with a nonprofit organization but not sure how or where to go? We are pleased to announce our new partnership with BoardStrong, formerly Governance Matters, to provide Baruch alumni information and access to potential board memberships with nonprofits around the country dedicated to hundreds of causes – from healthcare to human rights, the environment to arts and culture, community groups to international NGO’s.

The BoardStrong Nonprofit Board Matching service helping nonprofits identify prospective board members with organizations based on skills, ethnicity, age, geography, and personal passion. As more Baruch graduates express their interest in giving back, BoardStrong can be a resource to empower you with the information, tools and resources necessary to be the most effective board member possible and connect you with the “right” nonprofit board match.

To create your BoardStrong profile and explore potential board member opportunities, go to

To explore other BoardStrong resources and articles on board leadership, go to

Upcoming Informational Events:

April 1: What I Need to Know to Join a Nonprofit Board

Barbara Paxton, Chief Program Officer of BoardStrong, will walk you through the steps of what it means to serve on the Board of Directors of a nonprofit organization and what you should know before you join one. She will also give you advice about what to consider when you are selecting a board, and how to find a board that needs you. She will also demonstrate BoardStrong’s free new matching platform, a great tool for finding the perfect board fit.