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Hogan Assessments

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Exclusively for Baruch College Alumni

This special offer for Baruch alumni (purchased through Performance Programs, Inc.) includes: two career-related assessments from world-famous Hogan; a special Baruch Alumni interpretive guide; and a 45-minute professional coaching session at Baruch College with Gordon Kent, president of ProgressiveCareer.

Full details:

  • The Hogan Career Report – an assessment of your key strengths and shortcomings in the workplace. Describes your likely reactions to different circumstances at work and profiles your “usual personality”—what most people see regularly and how they perceive you.Gordon Kent
  • The Hogan Compass Report –  outlines the career-oriented significance of your core values and provides effective career planning guidance. Compares your key motivations and values with various occupations and work cultures; describes the types of personalities with which you work well and thrive.
  • Professional Coaching Session at Baruch College, 45-minute session with Gordon Kent, President of ProgressiveCareer, LLC (pictured right). Mr. Kent is certified in Hogan assessments and will help you understand your reports, answer any questions, and provide suggestions for the future.
  • Baruch Interpretive Guide developed by Baruch Alumni Relations, Performance Programs, Inc. and ProgressiveCareer, LLC.  The interpretive guide will help you understand your personal reports and will be given to you at your scheduled coaching session.