High 5- Annual Donor Appreciation Event



Every year, thousands of Baruch alumni, parents, faculty, staff, foundations, corporations, and friends donate to help make your Baruch experience the best it can be.



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Brandon Wu '20

"I might be a commuter student, but Baruch has become my 'home away from home'. I've made some of my closest friends here at this school. My time here has allowed me to learn as much as I can about the world, discover my passions and talents, and grow as a person. Having a campus in the middle of the city, I find myself snapping photos on my way to class - if it's Madison Square Park or the Flatiron building. This school is full of opportunities. As a student, I want to thank you, the donor, who made this possible for me."

Mairin Cahill MPA '20

"The financial support that I received has eased the burden of tuition substantially. I will "pay it forward" for future Baruch students once I reach my career goals. Thank you!"

Devon Lall '22

"Thank you so much for your support! Without your help, I would've felt like a financial burden to my family. But along with relieving me of that stress, you have opened me up to possibilities in careers I would not have imagined. And I cannot forget all the caring support both the students and faculty have given me to make me the best person I could be, whether it is socially or academically. No wonder you have contributed back to this community!"

Vivian Lin '20

"Thank you for your donation. I am so grateful to be receiving my education here at Baruch and I, along with all of the fellow students, am very appreciative of your generous contributions."

Wesley Lu '19

"Thanks for helping to fund my study abroad experience. Without your donation, I wouldn't have been able to meet all the amazing people and done all the exciting things abroad. Thank you again for making my study abroad experience possible."

Sophie Maerowitz '21

"Thank you for making it possible for me to start my first semester at Baruch with less of a financial burden. I am truly enjoying the faculty and class discussions. The coursework is challenging, but I’m amazed at how much I’ve absorbed in just a few weeks. Your generosity is deeply felt and appreciated. If I weren’t at my day job, I would be there to express my thanks in person."

Ramy Gadelsayed '21

"You have made it possible. Yes YOU! Thank you so much for you generosity, perhaps without it, my next step would've been impossible. You have set an example for me, so that one day I will accomplish my goals, I will give back as well."

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