Why Giving Matters

For generations there has been a college on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 23rd Street providing opportunities for bright, deserving students to transform their lives and improve the world they live in. Over the years, that college has grown with the times to include state-of-the-art facilities throughout the neighborhood. Many of the students at Baruch College are the children of immigrants, the first in their families to attend college. All of them are serious about their best hope for a better life through education. Baruch College is there for them, as it has been for decades.

A gift from you makes a huge impact on the lives of Baruch students. You can provide them with opportunities, scholarships, and a future that otherwise might be out of reach.


Ready for the World, Thanks to Your Support
Meet our 2019 Graduates

The Baruch experience is ripe with opportunities, through engaging with its world-class professors in and out of the classroom, through clubs that foster growth and camaraderie, through study abroad experiences and a diverse student body that offer a world of different perspectives, and through internships that give students hands-on professional training and an entrée into a career.

Meet four 2019 graduates, among countless others, who because of your support, were able to have the opportunities and experiences that will set them on a whole new course in life. Because of you, students with great potential yet without great means see doors open that they may never have dreamed possible, to lives and careers bolstered by their Baruch education.

Hermanoschy Bernard ’19

Digging deep into how policy is made, from many different angles and at many different institutions, has been Hermanoschy Bernard’s pursuit since he entered Baruch as a freshman. Choosing the College for its location, its diversity, and its affordability, he says, “I wanted access to opportunities and Baruch definitely delivered on that.” He took advantage of as many experiences as he could, in addition to his classes, taking part in helping incoming freshman through the Lexington League, learning about business as a member of the National Association of Black Accountants, and co-founding Chit-Chat Baruch, which, says the native of Haiti, “brings together students of all ethnicities, majors, genders and religions to form a network and build long-lasting relationships.”

Through the Hagedorn Internship program, Hermanoschy delved into the advocacy side of housing policy at Enterprise Community Partners. He learned about the impact of foundations on policy as a Civic Engagement and Government Intern with the Ford Foundation, and turned to the legislative side of policymaking while an intern for New York State Assembly Member and former Education Committee Chair Catherine Nolan, of Queens, where he gained a higher-level perspective on education policy. And as he graduates, and before pursuing his Master’s at the Marxe School, he will be working for nine months as a NYC Urban Fellow, concentrating on local policy with a New York City agency—he is hoping that will be in the areas of housing, education and sustainability.

Stephen Esposito ’19

With a mind for mathematics and a curiosity about actuarial science—which uses extensive data to evaluate the likelihood of future events—Stephen Esposito was initially drawn to Baruch for his studies. He knew several successful financial professionals who had graduated from the College and the school is in New York, where he wanted to be.

Once he was actually at school, as part of CUNY’s Macaulay Honors program, however, what became equally as important was the depth of knowledge of his professors and energy of his fellow students, many of whom were the first in their families to go to college. Mathematics Professor Tim Ridenour “expanded my skill set,” says Stephen, and Professor Evan Fink, “one of the all-stars of the Math Department, was really helpful to me.”

Club connections proved vital links as well. “When I joined Baruch’s Actuarial Science Society,” says Stephen, who eventually became Co-President, “I met students who were so motivated. I was impressed; I wanted to be like them. Professionals, especially from the alumni network, were always in the club to speak. I always had someone to talk to about my career, and I realized how big the Baruch network is.”  Through the club, Stephen earned the Walter Wang Excellence in Actuarial Science Award and the Guardian Life Actuarial Science Award—also met an actuary professional from Zurich Insurance Group, which led to an internship.

For his 2018 internship at Travelers, alumni were helpful in conducting mock interviews with him and gave him tips on how to stand out. So successful was Stephen’s time at Travelers, that he was offered a full-time position with the company’s actuarial loss and analytics department that begins right after graduation.

Katherine (Kate) Lyness ’19

Having transferred into Baruch from USC in her sophomore year (“I’m a New Yorker at heart,” she says), Kate wasted no time in working her way into the Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program. There, she says, it’s the quality of the professors that are the program’s zenith, and that have had a tremendous impact on her. Among them, she cites Professor Raj Nahata, who offered clear explanations of complex finance concepts and went the extra mile to help students; Professor Jayesh Dahya challenged undergrad students with a version of his MBA-level Essence of Corporate Valuation, and Noel Lateef, CEO of the Foreign Policy Association, invited his Foreign Policy students to events. And then, says Kate, who was also a Student Representative for the Zicklin School of Business Dean’s Advisory Council, there was Business Ethics. “It’s such an honor to take this class at the Zicklin School from Larry Zicklin himself. He’s a naturally great professor.”

In 2018, Deutsche Bank opened their Global Markets internships to Baruch students for the first time and chose three individuals to spend the summer with the company. Kate was one of that select group, doing a rotation in equities and one in fixed income. “They have a good mentoring system,” Kate says. “They match you with mentors who are on the associate or VP level; one of mine was a Baruch grad.” After getting great feedback on her hard work (a hallmark of Baruchians, a Deutsche manager told her), she received an offer to join the company full-time as an Incoming Global Markets Analyst upon graduation. She accepted!

Vickie Savvides ’19

Valedictorian of the class of 2019, Vickie Savvides, a Macaulay Honors student in Accountancy, has advice for incoming Baruch students: “As soon as you walk through the door, establish your network. Go to the Starr Development Center and seek advisement. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Having been shy of asking for advice when she was in high school, Vickie was determined to make every minute of college count. She called Starr even before she began as a freshman and asked which club she should join if she was interested in law. “Tina Coco the pre-law advisor, recommended the Pre-Law Society,” Vickie says. Four years later, the Max Berger Pre-Law Fellow says it was great advice. She joined immediately and rose to leadership roles, helping to bring in Baruch alumni and law-school admissions officers to help her and her colleagues prepare.

Vickie proceeded to take advantage of as many of those opportunities as she could. She wrote for and was editor-in-chief for The Macaulay Messenger, was a Peer Ambassador and freshman peer advisor. In addition to doing internships for a Congress member, a lending institution, and for international tax law firm Ruchelman PLLC, the Bronx native, who is from a Greek family and speaks fluent Greek, did an accountancy internship at KPMG in Cyprus (she was offered a position but chose to pursue her Master’s at Zicklin first). Plus, she did study abroad stints. She was selected for Scotland’s Future Leaders Summer Institute on Technology, Innovation and Creativity, where activities ranged from mock trials to the uses of artificial intelligence. Then on to Spain and Italy, where she perfected language skills and studied art, along with international business practices.

After graduation, Vickie has gaining her CPA and beginning her Zicklin Master’s in Taxation in her sights, the latter with help from the Dean Francis J. Connelly Scholarship, and the Morton Geller 1943 Scholarship. “I didn’t think of going anywhere else for my graduate work,” she says. “At Baruch, people are always there to support you.”