Why Giving Matters

The Baruch College Fund is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  Since the BCF came into being, our core mission has never wavered. That goal, as our founders declared, has been "helping [students] at a time when help is urgently needed." Back in 1969, help came in the form of a textbook fund, a handful of scholarships, and an endowed chair. And year after year, thanks to leadership supporters like you, we have built amazing opportunities upon that foundation, and have helped transform the lives of countless students.  Throughout our anniversary year, we will be sharing stories about the impact of your giving at Baruch has had for the past 50 years.


Your Support: 50 Years of Powering Our Intellectual Capital


Encouraging academic excellence in our students begins when our faculty is equally encouraged, supported, and strengthened. It’s a principle that the Baruch College Fund (BCF) has made a core priority since its inception in 1969.

Fifty years ago, the founding trustees of the BCF recognized that a great college needs an outstanding faculty, and to attract and retain renowned scholars, an institution needs resources. So the BCF launched its first fundraising endeavor to raise $100,000 to create the Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Professorship.  This endowed professorship was named in honor of alumnus, longtime professor, and dean emeritus of the Business School, Emanuel Saxe, an influential scholar in the field of accountancy.  The fundraising campaign exceeded its goal because donors like you contributed to make the Saxe Professorship—Baruch's first endowed chair.

Today, 50 years later, our generous donors have funded a total of 23 endowed faculty positions in academic departments across the campus. It is through these valuable positions that you have given Baruch the means to attract and retain the best teachers and scholars, advancing the academic excellence and mission of the College. Your support for our faculty also encompasses salary supplements; research grants; opportunities for student/faculty research; and faculty development funds to explore new approaches to teaching and curriculum development.

At Baruch, we are committed to fueling the academic enterprise by building a world-class faculty and providing them the resources they need to reach their full potential. Because of your generosity, we have bolstered our faculty, our departments, our presence in the world of research, and our ability to provide a world-class educational experience for its students.  Thank you for elevating our extraordinary faculty and, with it, our students.



Meet two dedicated professors who have been impacted by philanthropy at Baruch.