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LinkedIn Tips from the LinkedIn Guys

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Want to learn how to present yourself well on LinkedIn and attract recruiters to view your profile?

The LinkedIn Guys, Jeremy Schifeling and Omar Garriott led education marketing at LinkedIn, so they saw first-hand how powerful a tool LinkedIn is for students and alumni going after the world's most competitive jobs. Now, they've compiled all the most advanced techniques they learned inside LinkedIn to help you do the same in your own career. From understanding how recruiters use the platform to getting an edge in any interview process, get a crash course in LinkedIn's essential techniques.

Click here to learn:

  • How to turn your profile into a recruiter magnet based on how recruiters use the site
  • How to find the right companies, people & roles based on your interests
  • How to network with alumni & put that network to work for you
  • How to use insider info for interview prep & salary negotiation
  • And much more!