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The Robert C. Weaver Society Presents: The Racism Pandemic Subscribe to Alerts
Zoom webinar

Join us for a lively conversation regarding the racism pandemic in our society. This webinar focuses on recent incidents towards Black individuals and the systemic racism in our country. Why does racism still exist? How we make sense of this current pandemic? How can we understand the movement for Black lives? What are the effects of racism? What is our responsibility? Ending racism is both an individual and collective task.

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David S. Birdsell, Ph.D. | Marxe Dean - Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs

Regina A. Bernard-Carreño, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, Black and Latino Studies - Baruch College

Karanja K. Carroll, Ph.D. | Adjunct Assistant Professor of Black Studies - Baruch College

Kimberly Chu, Ed.D. | Adjunct Professor, Multicultural Studies - Hunter College & Associate Director, Executives on Campus - Baruch College