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Alumni in the Arts: New Emergencies, Old Issues: Centering Racial Justice and Equity in Arts Administration

Friday, September 25
12:00PM - 1:00PM (ET)
Zoom Webinar


The recent global health crisis has brought our society to a standstill, negatively impacting local and global economies, putting a magnifying glass to the increasing inequalities inherent in a pervasive capitalistic system, and forcing us to reckon with long-standing structural societal issues that have been ignored by the mainstream for many decades. In parallel, the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police department has forced mainstream America to stop ignoring the burdens Black Americans, and BIPOC communities broadly, carry every day in our country.

With public opinion shifting at an astonishing speed, these issues have become present in every aspect of our lives. As part of this realignment of values in our society, our history and culture are suffering from an authenticity crisis: history should not only be written by the victors, the narratives that inform the expansive ideas of who we are and what we believe in are proven to be complex and nuanced. Culture should not be used as a weapon dominant groups use to maintain their place in the power structure. We are facing, all at once, a moral, spiritual, and emotional crisis.

Featured Speakers:

Gonzalo Casals
Commissioner, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

Solana Chehtman
Director of Civic Programs, The Shed


David Milch
Director, Baruch MA Program in Arts Administration