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How to Research Financial Literacy

"Just Google It." Most adults hear this phrase way too often at the start of their Financial Literacy journey. Sometimes we find exactly what we need on Google, but other times, we are completely lost. Thankfully most of the Financial Literacy knowledge we need is online and is free. There are plenty of great resources and tools provided by the government, your company, and the personal finance community. I will be sharing my Financial Literacy journey with everyone and how I started out as a child of low income immigrants with zero knowledge on the topic of money. With the right knowledge, anyone and everyone can be equipped to make financially educated decisions.


About Alan Chen ('17):
Hello! My name is Alan and I'm an alumnus of Macaulay Honors College at Baruch College. You would think after attending business school, I would know how to manage my personal finances. Unfortunately financial literacy is not a skill taught in schools. I come from a low-income family and have seen firsthand the negative effects of poor money management and not saving early enough for retirement. My goal is to help people retire happily. By day, I write code as a software engineer; by night, I study financial literacy. I am very interested in technology startups. Right now, I'm working on a FinTech startup that I believe will change the world.