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The Robert C. Weaver Society presents: The Past, Present and Future of Black and Latino Studies Subscribe to Alerts

This year we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Department of Black and Latino Studies.

In the 1960s interracial coalitions of students, faculty, and staff all over the United States organized to establish academic spaces that recognize Black and Latinx people's intellectual and cultural contributions to the world.

With the appointment of Shelly Eversley, PhD. to Interim Chair of the Department of Black and Latino Studies in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences in January 2020, the department is evolving and seeking to create a Black and Latino Studies major!

Join us April 29 as we look back on the creation of the department at Baruch, hear from alumni on how the department shaped their experience, and learn about how the department plans to meet this critical moment of change.



Andrea Gonzales, '22
Baruch Student
Director, Operations Youth Over Guns
Community Educator

Malachi Davidson, '22
Baruch Student

Makeda Peters, '12
Community School Director
Grand Street Settlement

Rojo Robes, Ph.D.
Black and Latino Studies
Baruch College, CUNY


Shelly Eversley, Ph.D.
Provost Faculty Fellow
Interim Chair of Black and Latino Studies
Baruch College, CUNY

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