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Finding a job during these times can be difficult; however, what happens if it's much easier than you think? In this session, CEO/Founder of Wonsulting Jonathan Javier will go over how you can get into your dream job utilizing LinkedIn just as he did for his roles at Snap, Google, Cisco. Jonathan's strategies apply to jobs in both the private and public sectors including nonprofit, government, foundations, think tanks, and much more!

Wonsulting was founded in 2019 with a mission of showing hundreds of thousands of students who come from non-target schools/non-traditional backgrounds that their dream careers are attainable. Since founding Wonsulting, Jonathan has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Business Insider, and The Daily Mail.

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Jonathan's story comes from when he was in college at the University of California Riverside. He was applying to hundreds of different roles expecting responses back from his dream companies but when he didn't receive responses back from any, he would always think "Is it my resume? My interview skills? My background?"

However, Jonathan changed that perspective and realized that you can get into your dream job without applying, by simply utilizing LinkedIn. For all of his roles at top companies, he never applied; Jonathan just used LinkedIn in three different ways: LinkedIn message, LinkedIn content, and LinkedIn personal branding.

By getting recommended for roles and reaching out to recruiters, professionals, and hiring managers, Jonathan was able to utilize LinkedIn to its fullest extent and help hundreds of thousands do the same to grow their LinkedIn following.