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Brandon Peele: Business on the Frontline of National Renewal Subscribe to Alerts


During this workshop, you'll engage in a discussion with Purpose Expert Brandon Peele about the historic purpose of the United States ("e pluribus unum", "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", and "all... created equal"), and the critical role the private sector has in fulfilling these goals today. How can corporations contribute to renewing our citizen's sense of purpose? How can you, as an authentic and purpose-driven leader, contribute to your company's role in this national effort? During the session you will complete an exercise that reconciles the tensions between this country's historic "me-based" individualism and "we-based" collectivism. You'll leave with a renewed sense of hope in our nation's promise and next steps to co-lead our national renewal.

Brandon Peele is a best-selling author, the CEO of Unity Lab, and an expert in purpose, leadership + culture change. He's trusted as a keynote speaker, consultant and program leader by organizations such as Google, Johnson & Johnson, Stanford University, JDRF, Morgan Stanley, U.S. Marine Corps, University of California - Berkeley, LinkedIn, the U.S. Navy, Slalom Consulting, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the University of Minnesota.

He is the author of Purpose Work Nation (2022), The Purpose Field Guide (2019), and Planet on Purpose (2018), and co-author of Purpose Rising (2017) and The Purpose Blueprint (2015). His work has been featured by news organizations such as USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, and Forbes.

Brandon holds an MBA in Leadership from Columbia Business School, is an Imperative Certified Purpose Leader (TM), and serves on the Council of the Global Purpose Leaders and the Leadership Council of ManKind Project San Diego.