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Finding Your Fit: How to Find Companies Where You Will Thrive

Finding a company where you feel you not only fit the culture, but feel safe and secure to be yourself, is a huge challenge. It's easy to get caught up in applying for roles you qualify for but don't actually want.

Learn how to find companies you will enjoy working for, how to be more selective in your applications, and how to show employers you are the right fit for the role you want.

About Career Coach Nicola Scalise (MS '20):
Nicola completed her Master's in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Baruch in December of 2020. Through her studies, she realized the importance of setting smaller, tangible goals and knows what steps are needed to actually follow through on them. Her approach to coaching is holistic, and she believes in getting to know her clients' lifestyle, habits, and passions to fully help them set goals and plan out their careers. She specializes in helping young professionals find the career path that best suits their passions and skills and exploring options when her clients decide on a career change.