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Celebrating and Advocating for Women's Rights with Tous Droits Dans le Mur


DEI Fridays is a practice of community building, reflection, and learning where we aim to improve our campus climate around issues of equity, inclusion, and justice. We also want to equip participants with knowledge and tools to engage in social transformation in their communities beyond Baruch.

The virtual sessions, which typically take on Fridays afternoons, begin with a welcoming, the reading of Community Agreements (see below) and a brief grounding exercise to help participants enter the virtual space and set their intentions for the session. Then, there is a presentation of a topic (typically in an interactive interview format), followed by break-out sessions, share-outs, and informal discussion.

Topics address individual biases and prejudices; individual sense of belonging at Baruch and CUNY; and structural and institutional discriminatory policies, procedures and practices.