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Campus Involvement

The Alumni Relations team understands that giving back comes in all different forms. As a result, we have a range of opportunities that can be long term, short term, to even just a one-time commitment. You can contact any of our volunteer managers listed below for more information about each program.

  1. Mentor a student through the Executives on Campus program by contacting Kimberly Chu, or call the EOC office at (646)660-6088/6127.
  2. Speak to prospective and/or incoming students as an Alumni Ambassador by contacting Janet Rossbach, or at (646) 660-6121.
  3. Share your experience and stories to students on campus through students clubs and other Baruch and Beyond programs, by contacting Ronni Umles, or at (646)660-6076.

As an alum, you can provide insight from your personal and professional experiences to which current students can relate. Your time and experience is invaluable to Baruch students and the goal to cultivate a strong college community.

Interested in getting involved? Let us know by filling out our volunteer interest form!