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CFO Network

About: Provides CFO-level alumni an opportunity to reconnect with the College and with each other through the online alumni community. The network was formed in response to requests from alumni serving as senior financial management professionals in companies throughout the United States and internationally for a means to reconnect with each other and with Baruch College.

Mission: The CFO Network will establish a strong alumni community of graduates who serve in senior financial positions in companies globally as a platform for idea exchange, knowledge transfer and networking.

  • To provide a means by which CFO-level alumni can stay informed about relevant College programs and activities
  • To support alumni in achieving professional development goals by providing access to practical and career-enhancing information (e.g. Baruch's Annual Financial Reporting Conference)
  • To establish an online network whereby there can be an exchange of knowledge and experince among alumni, faculty, and the greater international business community
  • To provide increased face-to-face alumni interaction and encourage collaborations
  • To promote and support Baruch College's academic mission in the training of future generations of CFO alumni

Founder: Joseph Leone '75


Janet Rossbach
Director, Alumni Relations andVolunteer Engagement
(646) 660-6161