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All the World's a Stage

The College’s drama club and longest-running student organization on campus, Theatron touched the lives of generations of students and remains one of the core experiences of a Baruch College/City College Downtown student experience. As Theatronite alumnus Larry Levy (’55) explains, “Our campus was the Pauline Edwards Theatre,” and “our involvement in Theatron transformed Baruch... into a true college experience.”

Relive your memories of Theatron productions and stars showcased in these articles:

Did You Know? “Theatron” refers to more than the fabulous productions created by scores of Baruch students. “Theatron” is an ancient word meaning the space for viewing performances and spectacles. And although there is a scholarly debate about whether early Roman theatres had seats, “theatron” has come to refer to semicircular, tiered, stone seats for viewing performances. Mercifully, Baruch's Theatron lovers enjoyed more comfortable accommodations in the 17 Lex first-floor theatre now known as Mason Hall.


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