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For Baruch Professor Marc Edelman—a nationally recognized sports law expert—the news that he won a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award was not only professionally rewarding but also struck a personal note.

“My reaction upon hearing I won a U.S. Fulbright was pure gratitude,” said Professor Edelman, who teaches law at the Zicklin School of Business. “I found myself thinking a lot about my mom’s father, who came to the United States from Poland and worked in a liquor store for most of his adult life. He never had the opportunity to attend college, but he saved every penny he had to help me get an education.”

“My grandfather lived long enough to see me graduate from college and know I graduated from law school. But he passed away a few years before I became a professor. I could only imagine his pride if he knew that I earned a Fulbright!”

Edelman intends to conduct research at the University of Canberra in Australia next fall, after the Fulbright program anticipates lifting current travels restrictions due to the global pandemic.

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