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Alumni Profile

Jimmy Vora (’08) discusses his time at Baruch and how he is giving back to the college through Shadow Partners – an initiative that pairs students from the SEEK program with alumni mentors to visit them at their office and get a firsthand look at their career. 

Tell us a little about yourself:
I graduated from Baruch in 2008 in accounting. I went to school for about four years and I feel like I owe a lot back to Baruch because the return on investment that you get after graduating is significantly high. Just being in the heart of New York City gives you the opportunity to work in the morning and go to school at night. After Baruch, I started working at a small accounting firm and then, in 2009, I began working at MBAF (Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra, LLC).

What are your responsibilities at your current job?
I’m a Senior Manager in my audit department at MBAF so I run the audit engagements, oversee my team, train them, and do recruiting. Roles change as you gain more responsibility and as you get promoted; when you become part of management, you do a lot of administrative tasks. I get involved with all of the management duties, engagements with my team, oversee everything and then relay all of that information to the partners.

Why did you enjoy your time as a student at Baruch?
I loved it. I love the city, love Manhattan, and Baruch just felt like it had that hustle and bustle and that Grand Central feeling. When you get into school, there are so many people, you’re in the heart of Manhattan, and it was so motivating.

Why did you choose to participate in an initiative like Shadow Partners?
I do both Shadow Partners and EOC (Executives on Campus) because time is the biggest investment that you can make in an individual. When you sit down with these students, many of whom don’t know what their career path will be, you try to show them what it’s like to get into audit or accounting, give them good insight on how that would be. You’re giving students a firsthand look at what they’d be getting into if they choose that career path.

What does giving back to Baruch mean to you?
I’ve only attended Baruch – that’s my school. I feel like what I am today is all because of Baruch College. That’s why I’m trying to get very involved with these two programs. I feel good when I’m mentoring students and hopefully they get something out of it or it changes/modifies their career path in a positive way.

What’s the most rewarding part about participating in Shadow Partners?
It’s when students email me back to say they enjoyed their time, that they got valuable insight and want to meet again. It just feels good that you’re making a difference in someone’s life. I think time is very valuable. You can never go back on time. If you make enough money and you donate it, you could always make that money back, but you can never make up time, so use it wisely.