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Juan Cano (’07, MBA ’19) is a fierce advocate of paying it forward. The double alumnus chats about how Baruch impacted his life – and why he feels compelled to help the next generation of students.  

Tell us about yourself.
In January of 2016, I formed Cano Contento, LLC, effectively turning myself into an independent marketing/advertising consultant. Simultaneously, I joined creative and innovation agency, We Believers, which is run as a collective of top creative talent working on the cloud from NYC, Miami, Houston, LA, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and wherever our believers may find themselves next. Our "office" is on the cloud, but we do have a central HQ at the NYC co-working space Neuehouse. I've been exceeding client expectations since 2005.

What are your responsibilities in your current role?
My title is Brand Manager and my job is to work with clients to help them solve business challenges with creative communications solutions. I help my clients look like heroes, while helping my creative/production team feel like heroes. I do this every day for the third largest cable TV company that just launched a mobile service, as well as a new fintech player with a user-focused mobile app.

Why did you enjoy your time as a student at Baruch?
I enjoyed Baruch because of all the challenges it put in front of me. Working full-time while attending classes part-time is anything but easy, but the mental stimulation and growth I experienced as an individual and a professional made it all worth it. Each and every one of my class discussions and assignments all somehow made me stronger. It helped me realize the value of running myself as a corporation and treating every challenge as an opportunity, so I am forever thankful to Baruch[GL1] .

Why did you choose to participate in a cool initiative like Shadow Partners?
At some point in your life, you realize that you may have just accomplished your dreams. You feel you've reached a plateau and are not sure how to grow more. This is not about salary or money, but simply a feeling of accomplishment that bothers you because you're not sure where to go from there. When you read the stories of great leaders, there is always an element of giving back and philanthropy that helped them grow and helpi spread success to others. For Latinos, like myself, this giving back comes in the form of extending the ladder down to the next generation of future Latino leaders.

What’s the most rewarding part about Shadow Partners?
Sharing my journey in the hopes that the students not only learn from it, but that they excel even further. Also, connecting with young, ambitious, ever optimistic leaders in development helps give me a much needed spark to figure out the next steps in my own life and career.