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Alumni Profile

In honor of National Mentoring Month, we’re highlighting an alumna who embodies what it means to help the next generation: Marline Alexander (’90). She serves as the first vice president at BHI USA, was named to Crain’s 2018 Notable Women in Finance list, and is a longtime mentor in the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) mentoring program at Baruch College.

“I first got involved with the FWA in 2012 and signed up to become a mentor shortly after,” she says. “Mentoring has been and continues to be a very enriching and rewarding experience for me... Not only  am I able to share my experiences and provide guidance to my mentees, but I am also afforded the wonderful opportunity to cement meaningful personal connections with students who know that they can reach out to me any time they confront a challenge, need professional guidance, or simply need reassurance that they are on the right track.”

Alexander views mentoring as empowering and takes particular joy in seeing her mentees—who are all millennials—thrive professionally and give back themselves by having a positive influence on others. She also takes pride in knowing she is giving back to her alma mater.

“As an international student  with limited financial wherewithal when I enrolled in 1986, Baruch College afforded me an education that left me debt free upon graduation and a diploma that gave me the same competitive edge as many private colleges,” she says. “I attribute much of my professional success to the preparedness and life’s lessons acquired during my tenure as an undergraduate student at Baruch College.” 

Marline Alexander with a Mentee

Alexander’s current mentee, Jennifer Pareja (’20), has nothing but praise for this outgoing and hardworking alumna.

“As our mentee/mentor relationship grew, I began seeing what made her a success,” Pareja says. “It’s her work ethic, her confidence, and her kindness. I’m truly grateful to have Marline in my life and know that I would not be where I am without her!”

Alexander is a firm believer in the idiom, “To whom much is given, much is expected,” and she advocates that all alumni give back in some capacity.

“Monetary contributions make a big difference to the operating budget of Baruch College,” she says. “However, volunteering one’s time in the capacity of a mentor also benefits the institution. Contributing in any capacity helps Baruch remain a popular and prestigious institution, which undoubtedly enhances the value of a Baruch degree.”

Join Alexander and volunteer to help Baruch students.