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Alumni Profile

Tell us about yourself:
I am an alumnus, class of 2007. I graduated from Baruch with a BBA in Human Resources Management and a minor in English Literature. After leaving Baruch I immediately started to work at an investment bank on Wall Street in the HR department.  I have since spent most of my career working in HR at various large financial services firms. In 2015, I earned my Masters degree in Social Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University.

I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to New York City when I was 12 years old. Something very personal to me is that is that I lost both of my parents at a young age. Those formative years in Trinidad and the loss of my parents instilled in me the value of education. For me, I saw doing well at school as the only way to succeed without my parents’ guidance.

What are your responsibilities at your current job?
I am presently a Learning and Organizational Development Specialist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  I oversee training programs and Performance Management for the Bank. One of the things I enjoy most about my job is Onboarding. My role has allowed me to be creative in the way we deliver new hire information that is easily accessible and comprehensive for new employees while meeting the needs and requirements of HR and the Bank.

Why did you enjoy your time as a student at Baruch?
I have built wonderful friendships and networks while a student. I met so many people from different backgrounds yet we all had similar goals: this passionate drive to success despite the many challenges in our way.  We were working part time jobs, going to school full time and having to study late into the night. I now look back fondly at those all night study sessions in the library during finals and midterms though at the time, I only wanted to sleep.

Why did you choose to participate in this fall's LGBTQ panel discussion?
In my everyday life, I am very passionate about giving back to the LGBTQ community in any way I can. Part of both my personal and professional networks have always had a strong LGBTQ representation. I am originally from the Caribbean where there is still so much stigma, persecution and possible prosecution for LGBTQ individuals, I feel compelled to help my community. While at Baruch, I was president of the LGBTQ undergrad student organization for two years. Our goal then was to provide a safe space at school for students who were LGBTQ and that continues to be my goal in all environments. My specific interest in participating in the panel discussion this fall was to continue to raise awareness about what is happening in our community right now – the importance of remaining diligent in fighting for our rights and not taking them for granted. The fight and the need for safe spaces continue even in professional environments where discrimination still exists.

What does giving back to Baruch mean to you?
I’ve always viewed my time at Baruch as the turning point in my life both personally and professionally. I truly value the relationships I’ve built while at Baruch and I am still quite close to my friends from Baruch. The knowledge and skills I gained at Baruch have paved the path for my career. I owe a debt of gratitude to this institution and it is only fair that I give back as much as I can.